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Our History

        Owner and Director, Danielle DeSano-Smith, opened It's A Small World (ISW) as an in-home child care facility in 1992. Although ISW began as a summer camp for school aged children, in the fall of 1992, we quickly realized the need for quality infant and toddler care in the community and stayed open to offer a year round program. Danielle's husband, Jay Smith, joined her shortly before the birth of their first child in 1996. In 2005, Danielle and Jay opened the Explorer Club (school aged program) in its current location. In 2007, ISW incorporated its Pre-Kindergarten ready program with the school-aged program. In 2008, ISW moved its Infant, Toddler, and Little Adventurer Preschool classrooms to the same location as the Explorer Club.

Our Philosophy

        Our program has been designed to enhance the whole child in a positive atmosphere of warmth and caring. Through our constant awareness of child development and consistency, our goal is to meet the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs that are unique to each child. Children learn through their daily experiences and routines to make decisions, to carry out responsibilities, to express him or herself creatively and to discover friendships. Children are exposed to music, movement, art, science, reading, dramatic play, life skills, blocks, outdoor play and manipulative experiences. Themes and activities are planned around the interests of each group of children and staff. We believe a daily schedule helps to provide a familiar flow to each day. It balances learning, active and quiet play with child and teacher directed activities within various learning centers and sessions. We strive to achieve these goals through the partnership of child, parent, staff, school and community.

Cultural Diversity

          Beliefs, customs, and child rearing practices vary among different cultures. Family, however, is the root of each child's development. For that reason, It's a Small World places the utmost priority on honoring and respecting each family's cultural heritage.  Our teachers incorporate stories, songs, and games from a wide variety of cultures and encourage parents to share about their family's traditions as well. It's a Small World's families and staff members bring tremendous diversity to our program and we embrace each and every opportunity to learn from each other.  

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