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          We understand how unique your child is. Our team makes sure your child is safe and comfortable. We create close, trusting relationships with every child and family. But don’t worry little by little they will develop the skills and gain the knowledge they need. In our high-quality infant program, our team helps your infant grow up healthy and ready to learn new things.

        You probably have questions about whether our program is the best one for your child and your family.

        Take the opportunity to look over our information, and feel free to contact us. We would love to help you determine if we are the best place you and your child. 


Small Wonders

Ages 6 weeks-15 Months

(Or when they are ready!)

         It's A Small World bases its educational practices on the curriculum philosophy of developing the "whole child". In keeping with guidelines developed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, our curriculum philosophy is designed to meet the needs of the child in age-appropriate and individual ways. We also strive to provide an anti-bias peer culture in which children learn to accept others different from themselves. Curriculum is defined as both daily routines and activities; teacher or child initiated. All parts of a child's day, including daily transitions, are created as opportunities to meet the developmental needs of children.


Tireless Toddlers

Ages 15-33 Months

(Or when they are ready!)

           Toddlers like all people are very different; therefore each child will be supported uniquely in reaching their developmental milestones. Active learning occurs when toddlers actively engage in their environment. Daily activities are designed to foster this active learning by allowing toddlers to explore with all their senses. Activities and materials introduced will allow toddlers to practice their emerging gross and fine motor skills and to choose activities or materials that excite and induce curiosity. Your toddler's day is designed to support their growing ability to communicate ideas and feelings, develop a sense of their own needs and how they can meet these needs, and finally, to form close bonds with others.

          As toddler children become developmentally ready, we incorporate individual and group time into each day. During group times the toddlers come together for songs, books, felt board stories, finger plays and other fun social experiences that are planned and prepared by the teachers. This 'circle time' serves to promote the children's increasing language expression and comprehension through listening and participating. Having a daily schedule with a routine provides children both a sense of predictability and security.


Little Adventurers

Preschoolers ages

3 to 4

          Play is the way children develop their sense of self, sense of the world, and sense of where they fit in. This age group embraces curiosity and exploration yet demands routine and repetition. Although young preschooler's abilities and preferences may vary from each other, we offer learning experiences and the social interaction that they crave. This program offers many characteristics of a typical preschool classroom which includes: circle times, story time, music, and pre-planned centers. As a young preschooler's cognitive development is exceptionally rapid, it is necessary to allow plenty of time for discovery, investigation and play while limiting transitions. Teachers use creative transitioning techniques offering additional "teachable moments" and lots of fun!

           A preschooler is a child who is completely toilet trained and able to use the bathroom independently. Children are required to wear underwear; pull-up type diapers are not allowed for children enrolled in this program. Children are eligible to join the Little Adventurers when they are 33 months old. Children will remain in this classroom until they are transitioned into our Pre-K program (or the year before they begin Kindergarten).

Happy Kids


Preschoolers ages 4 to kindergarten

          Our goal is to prepare our 4 year olds for the expectations of the academically accelerated Kindergarten programs of our society. Our play based curriculum incorporates all the required kindergarten readiness skills but also gradually introduces organizational and behavioral expectations too.

          Our Pre-K program teachers use a theme based curriculum when planning their Centers (sensory, language, creative arts, computer, small motor, blocks, listening and dramatic play). During Centers, as well as throughout the day, the children have opportunities for both directed and free time. Every day includes multiple large motor opportunities on our playground and in the gymnasium. We are very committed to communication through the use of our cubbie and take home folder systems. If email works for you, our teachers send weekly lesson plans and monthly newsletters via email.

Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30a.m.-6:00p.m.

Phone: (734) 714-3040 | Fax: (734) 221-5683

8318 Carpenter Rd, Ypsilanti MI 48197

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