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What is International Drumming?

Music is a language and we learn how to speck it fluently. Sharing and listening are emphasized as well as a basic understanding of various rhythm patterns . Our drumming lessons teach technique and explore different instruments with freedom and creativity.

The percussion classes are a natural way for kids to make music and development musicality. Each week children are exposed to new types of instrument from around the world, including Djembes, congas, dumdum, surdos, caixas, tambourine and more...



for Kids

Through dynamic music games and activities they develop skills like recognizing and playing patterns and soloing. They develop timing, coordination, listening skills, self-expression, build self-confidence and social abilities.

About the


        Jessica and Fabio "Lobinho" Cunha have been teaching and training Capoeira for many years. Fabio originates from Brazil, while Jessica has trained in Michigan. They love to work together and have a lot of experience with children from ages 2-99. You will love their energy, and the wonderful benefits Capoeira has to offer.

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