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Ann Arbor Infant to Pre-K

Registration Fee: $75

This fee is due at registration and there is an annual renewal fee of $50 per child every September. 

ISW offers a 10% Sibling discount off of child with lesser of the tuition!

To find the prorated monthly tuition total, multiply the weekly rate x 52 weeks in the year and divide by 12 months. Tuition is prepaid monthly and is billed on the 8th with payment due on the 15th.

Enrollment & Waitlist

      It’s A Small World (ISW) believes that the enrollment process is important groundwork for a successful childcare/school experience. ISW requires that all families interested in enrolling must attend a tour either in person or virtually before they can begin the process. Our typical tour runs approximately one hour and discusses policies, philosophies, and a center wide tour. We follow the first come first serve process. Space is secured once the registration form and $75 fee are both received; keeping in mind that you can hold a space up to 30 days. Once your child’s space is reserved the remaining enrollment requirements begin. Families will be added to our Brightwheel system and they will receive notification to set up their account. Once families receive this invite, they will set up their payment details in the Billing section, all tuition payments will be made via ACH through this section. This step can take up to 5 days to process before being able to use this feature therefore families can choose to bring in a check/cash/money order for this first payment. Families now have the controls to make payments, run reports for FSA/Taxes and to add new information.

     In the event that ISW doesn’t have any current openings or your registration form/fee is received for a classroom that is already filled, families will have the option to be placed on our Wait list. Families with children currently enrolled in ISW will be moved to the top of our waitlist as current families receive sibling preference.
     All families must have attended a tour as indicated above to be placed on the waitlist. A $50 fee must accompany the waitlist form to be placed on our waitlist. This fee in non-refundable. Waitlisted
families that enroll in ISW will receive a $50 credit toward their first month’s tuition. When a space
opens, your family will be contacted via email and telephone. Families have 24 business hours to
respond and to reserve their space or use a one-time pass to remain on the list. We will assume that a family who does not respond is passing. If a family has used their one pass and receives a second
invitation, they will come off of the wait list. Families can decide to return to the waitlist by following
the initial process and an additional fee.

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