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Yoga with Ms. Anna Wednesday starting week of April 8th!

Sessions: 8 weeks 9am for Toddler/Hopper, 930 Preshcool/Pre K

Amount: $80


I’m Anna Fletcher, a yoga teacher (RYT 200) who specialized in child development in college. This yoga series will run for 8 weeks with sessions every Wednesday lasting thirty minutes. Each class has a theme (think: underwater adventure, driving through a desert, etc) to engage your child’s imagination while leading them through gentle stretching. Through these movements I am integrating: awareness of their bodies and the space around them, different methods of breathing to establish regulation in their nervous system, appropriate methods to meet sensory needs, and how to maintain a calm space for themselves and others. With consistent yoga sessions, the silly-seeming movements become life skills and intuitive self soothing. I am happy to answer any questions you may have - for both your child and yourself. My intention is to begin a parent + child yoga class on Saturday’s, more information to come!


  • Indemnification Statement: My child and /or I agree(s) to participate in this/these program(s) knowing that proper safety precautions will be taken, but realizing that there is inherent risk involved in participation in recreational activities and realizing that It's a Small World Daycare L.L.C is not providing accident or hospitalization insurance for the participants of this program. I do hereby release and hold harmless It’s a Small World Daycare L.L.C, The Explorer Club, its Officials, employees, instructors, and volunteers from any and all liabilities ( including attorney fees, and court costs) arising from any injuries that might occur during supervised programs. I also authorize It's a Small World Daycare L.L.C to take photographs of me/my children for promotional and/or educational purposes. It is hereby stated and declared by me that the released information states is freely, willfully, and voluntarily made.

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